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Build your own website


 $ 12.00 One Year


Type your desired domain name and extension to check availibity



Hosting  website's storage space 

Build a Robot

 Computer Control Machine


Design your own..

LED on Printer Port
■   Traffic Control 

■   LED Moving Display
■   12 Relay On/Off
■   12 LED Animation
■   ...more

Text Scrolling Display
■   Display Text in 7Segment (4 Digit)
■   Counter - Date - Time Display
■   7x16 LED Text Scrolling Display 
(Entire circuit using one IC & no power supply required)
■   7x48 LED Text Scrolling Display (Include Animation and Char software)
■   ...more

EPROM Programmer 
■   EPROM Manual Programmer 
■   EPROM Character Designer
■   EPROM Text Scrolling Circuit

Sound Card - ADC/DAC
■   Simple Sound Card & Windows Driver
■   Sound Card Low-Pas filter (Recording & Playback)
■   Sound Card Using ADC
■   ...more

Using Sensors Input/Output (LPT1)
■   Design a simple O.M.R. Device
■   Design your own JOYSTICK
■   Using INFRA-RED sensors

Design a software

 Visual Basic, Qbasic


■   Get QBasic & VBasic New source codes.

■   Download Omssoft's own Games and useful software.

■   Get O'Level computing studies project & guidelines, click 'O' & 'A' Level.

■   Learn Computer Languages

■   Source code for the Beginners

■   Get Free Solutions as per your problem

■   Check out every week for new codes

■   Convert your manual system to comprised system.



VBasic for Students/Beginners 
Sample programs for beginners
Use database in your program
Use Data Report in visual basic.


Student Package

10MB Storage Space

500MB Data Transfer

$ 12.00 One Year

Personal Package

25MB Storage Space

500MB Data Transfer

$ 23.00 One Year

Professional Package

50MB Storage Space

1GB Data Transfer

$ 48.00 One Year

Hosting Details


Private mail server, Sub Domains, POP3 Accounts, Wabmail, Forwarders, Auto responders, SMTP, Server, Spam protection,

FTP - Security

24/7 FTP access, FTP Accounts

Password protected folder, SSL support


Online control panel, Host Manager software, CGI, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage Extension, WAP


Setup free of cost.

Learn to design a website

■   Web page templates

■   PHP Codes

■   ASP & Vbscript

■   Java Script



The is basically for the student and professional software users, those who want to learn computer languages, this site is also help full for 'O' or 'A' Level Computing Studies students, sample projects, programs, guidelines, You can also send your problem to us for solution or you can Order a software for professional use as per your requirements.


Get FREE VB-Source Code, QB-Source Code, PC-Hardware Circuit Diagrams, Useful Software and Professional Software.

Thank you !